Laser Rig

Cinema 4D + Redshift

Laser Rig

€30 Laser Features:

  • 12 Heads
  • Scaling of Head & Laser
  • 4 Quality Options
  • Invisibility Settings
  • Rs Object Tag build in
  • Target Object
  • Auto Rotate
  • All Redshift Color Settings
  • 7 Different Color Presets
  • Global Color Control
  • Individual Color Control
  • Global Intensity
  • Individual Intensity
  • Visualisation guide
  • Visualisation Beam (so you can see in the viewport what is being lit up)

Known Issues

  • Cinema 4D R21 if you use the autorotate feature it crashes Cinema 4D (does not happen in C4D R22+)


How to install the rigs

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