Showreel 2022

Showreel 2021 – 3D Generalist & Motion Graphics

Twisted – Boels Commercial

Animation that I made for my internship at Twisted. Using Cinema 4D, Octane & After Effects.

Create with Clint – Alternate Realities

Created a submission for the Alternate Realities challenge.
Also helped make the challenge possible by helping with the brainstorming and creating some project files. I thought of the sphere in the background 🙂

Fake Phone Commercial

This was based on my current phone, the Pocophone F1. I wanted to make a cool commercial! Software used: Cinema 4D, Redshift, Houdini, Nuke, After Effects and Premiere pro.

Tech Summit India – Motion Graphics

An animation I made for the Tech Summit. Working under high time pressure and flexibility describes the process of making this video perfectly. I’m really proud of the end result that I made in a short time and the company was super happy with it!

Create With Clint Modelling Challenge

The challenge was: ”model a object that you have in real life.” I modelled a support ring that was very dear to my heart because it was the real start of an amazing friend group.


My Second D&D Character
Rango is a Robot Artificer!

Made using Topowire and C4D + Redshift

Schat (icon)

My First D&D Character
Schat is a Warforged Paladin!

Made C4D + Redshift & After Effects


Made a little render for passing my drivers exam 🙂

Showreel 2019

Motion Graphics Showreel 2018

For my internship I was the animator at the Clipjesfabriek Almere